Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Poems...

Yeh bhi woh bhi

Hum nazar bhi hain aur nazariya bhi
Kinara toh hain par dariya bhi
Bund ankhon sai jab jahan ko dekha
Ehsaas hua...zarra bhi hain aur zariya bhi


There is some thunder
And lightening too
A huge big wave of rain
Comes closer and closer

It lifts me off my feet
Takes me in its embrace
And then playfully
Throws me up high in the sky

Up up high up I fly
Like a feather in the clouds
Floating, fluttering gently
With no fear of falling down

My head is in your lap now
As you gently caress my hair
I fall in a deep dreamless sleep
And all is well  

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